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Workplace Health

The importance of research
Employers and unions have an interest in the health of people in the workplace. Fitter and less stressed staff are both happier and more productive. Workplace policies that deal with occupational factors that hinder or increase health are essential. However health education also has a role to play. To be effective it must attract and maintain people's attention and be relevant to their lives. Good research is useful here to find out what approaches meet these criteria. Depending on what this brings up, you may want to consider the below ideas.

Have any of your colleagues got the talent, inclination and time to perform songs about health at workplace events? If the answer is yes, check out some of the songs on this website. For more information on music click here and here.

If you have a staff intranet site, embed some of the videos on this site. For more information on comedy click here.

How about a spoof health and safety fashion show, if your job requires that people wear specific pieces of equipment? For more information on using fashion click here.

Written word
How about health education themed a crossword in the staff newsletter? Software to produce crosswords can now be downloaded very cheaply or even free. For more on crosswords click here.

Computer games
If you have a health education day, for 24 hours why not link your intranet site if you have one to some of the games here (You'll need to scroll down a little.)

For a free football themed booklet on career development including stress management click here and read pages 72-112.

(For references click here and links click here.)

To download the whole 180 page report on using popular culture to tackle health inequalities click here

To download the PDF software to be able to view these files click here