Princess Superstar  and the 'Quitting Smoking Song'. Full of 
swearing so only appropriate for specific target groups.

The importance of research
Good market research into the specific target group you want to reach can tell you two things. Firstly what you need to do to change their behaviour. This could be in terms of information, skills, attitudes or improvements in services. Secondly, it can also tell you how to reach them. This is particularly important if they aren't interested in what you have to say. In this case they aren't likely to pick up your leaflet or notice a poster. But if you start from what they're interested in, you may be able to engage them in health this way. Below are some examples of how this might be done.

Pop music
I have only come across few songs that are anti-smoking. Other than Princess Superstar example above, the only other one I know is by Billy Bragg. It is called The Johnny Carcinogenic Show and is about the tobacco industry. There are more songs about smoking itself. For example, k.d. lang has an album of mainly smoking tracks called Drag. Perhaps in some circumstances they could be used to deconstruct the romance of smoking, if mixed in with humour and weren't moralising. There are also lots of songs about keeping going and not giving up. These might appeal to some smokers trying to quit. Click here and scroll down for some examples. For more on how to use music generally for health purposes click here.

Written word
The Department of Health have produced a number of publications in a popular magazine format about a range of health issues including smoking, for example Fit for young men. Click here for further information how you might use magazines.

The most famous example is probably Bob Newhart's Walter Raleigh skit. Click here to see it.

Computer games
To see a simple computer game around cigarettes click here and scroll down.

In the Eighties West Brom shirts carried a stop smoking logo on them. For more about using football to promote health click here.

Fashion and beauty
Smoking damages the skin. It is also expensive. For some groups there might be ties in with fashion around this. For more on fashion click here.

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